Going Public

Tyme Technologies, Inc. is a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing cancer therapeutics that are intended to be broadly effective across a range of tumor types while maintaining a patient’s quality of life with relatively low toxicity profiles. 325 participated in the uplisting of Tyme (TYME) to the NASDAQ and was instrumental in creating their multi-strategy digital and social marketing campaigns that successfully increased their name, brand recognition and the public’s understanding of SM-88, the initial drug candidate for Tyme.

Campaign Duration: July 2017 – March 2018

Goals + Objectives

325 initially established an overall brand for Tyme. We created and developed the Tyme website, brand collateral, trade show displays and poster abstracts for the Annual ASCO and ESMO Conferences. We leveraged social media to communicate to investors, clinicians, key opinion leaders and cancer organizations the benefits of SM-88. The goal of the campaign was to position Tyme as a leader in developing cancer therapeutics. Our campaign successfully transformed the company from an unknown startup to a well established biotech company recognized by the oncology community and the financial markets.

From Unknown toInstagram Biotech Leader

We don’t just post, we establish a presence. We target and engage audiences organically. Brand recognition is almost instant because our engagement is target-specific, audience-relevant and natural. Tyme ranked in the Top 9 and Top post positions daily on Instagram with a targeted audience that included cancer foundations, patients, patient advocacy groups and financial institutions. Our posts reached thousands of new viewers on a weekly basis. We work closely with all our public companies to make sure our posts are compliant. We connected Instagram to the Tyme website to increase traffic.

Top Posts

We educated clinicians, key opinion leaders and financial journalists on Twitter and LinkedIn by leveraging our proprietary methods and technologies to highlight the potential value and impact of Tyme’s technology SM-88. We leveraged similar tactics and strategies on Instagram and Facebook reaching a large population of patients, clinicians, and advocacy groups. Targeting each group with appropriate information regarding the medical efficacy and safety of SM-88.

The Communication Cycle

We power the real-time flow of daily news to healthcare funds, investors, KOLs, patients and press using digital and social channels to directly influence and modify their behavior. There are specific outlets for each target group and when employed appropriately will effectively communicate your message, using combinations of digital, social and traditional “old school” media.

Our proprietary methodology and technology enable us to build targeted niche audiences across these multiple platforms. That same methodology is used to target our audiences on digital media, such as journalists in both finance and healthcare. We can identify people who are “influencers” in a specific space and present them with relevant articles and current news of a specific drug or article.

AbstractPoster Design

It is critical to present data effectively to your audience. 325 is well versed in the design of abstract posters. These were presented at the Annual ASCO and ESMO Oncology Conferences.