Creating Visual Impact,
Recognition + Increased Sales

The Original Soupman was a sought-after eating destination in New Your City, even before his portrayal in Jerry Seinfeld’s eponymous sitcom as the Soup Nazi, and the catchphrase, “No soup for you!” became part of the American lexicon. In reality, the Original Soupman believes passionately in “Soup for all!” The company has gone from strength to strength and is currently promoting the brand to a new – younger generation. Social Media Director, Ernesto Cullari partnered with the Digital.Mobile.Social agency to reprise the TV show’s beloved character and to generate greater brand and to support both online and retail sales. Ernesto Cullari co-wrote and co-directed three new commercial segments featuring actor Larry Thomas, who first made the brand famous when he embodied the role on Seinfeld. We supplemented the campaign with all new product photography.

Goals + Objectives

The goals were to create massive brand recognition and to re-ignite the awareness of why the Original Soupman had become so popular in the first place. As a collaborator in the campaign, 325 contributed Ernesto’s talents for production, copywriting and directing. He brought Larry Thomas’s character back to life in a trio of commercials, with the tag-line, “Just Try It”. In addition to Ernesto’s writing and direction, we provided the photography for packaging, outside advertising material and a disruptive Instagram campaign that has brought this beloved character to a new generation of families. Our strengths in producing and delivering visual media remain essential to ongoing campaigns, which include food photography for digital media, packaging and physical marketing materials.

Organic Instagram Audience Development

The Original Soupman Instagram started with 600 Followers. In the first year, Ernesto built an audience of just under 10,000 new organic Followers, mostly for the New York and surrounding Tri-state area, without ad dollars.

Translating Soup for Millenials

Ernesto deployed our talents for combining world-class photography and video to deliver a disruptive Instagram marketing campaign. We expanded the focus to raise brand awareness with millennials in New York City and the surrounding TriState area. On average, the Soupman Instagram account grew by almost 700 new organic, in-niche local Followers each month in this coveted demographic group.

Soupman Commercials

The “Just Try It!” campaign featuring the so-called Soup Nazi of Seinfeld fame, was reprised to introduce the Original Soupman brand to a younger, more socially conscious consumer. To do this Ernesto collaborated with actor, writer and director Brando Joyner. They introduced a new character, The Publicist, to soften the Soup Nazi’s abrasive manners, with a comedic foil.