Targeting a SpecificAudience + Demographic

325 provided a digital media-based solution for Patient Clinical Recruitment. This case study reduced the overall expense by strategically using Instagram for organic patient recruitment. Study recruitment was completed within two months at a fraction of the cost. We work directly with clinical operations to maintain all HIPAA compliances.

Campaign Duration: November 2017 – March 2018

Goals + Objectives

The goal was to recruit patients for a clinical trial and develop all campaigns that work within the prescribed Institutional Review Board guidelines. We set objectives to target specific audiences for patient recruitment with the use of digital and social media to engage suitable candidates and recruit a pool of patients for clinical trials. 325 created the messaging used to inform the public of the various clinical trials that were available. We envisioned the branding for the campaign and designed the website to convert interest into commitment, communicated via PPC, email marketing, and social media to reach out to candidates. As a result, we successfully recruited nearly 50 patient candidates for open human-trials in less than two months. It is an example of how our campaigns reduce the time and expenses that plague conventional approaches to the clinical trial recruitment process.

Top Posts

We successfully exploited Instagram’s search engine features to land our patient recruitment posts to Top 9 and Top Post status for the majority of our posts. The end result is that we were able to reach large numbers of patients, clinicians and key opinion leaders on a daily basis on Instagram, which resulted in a record number of inquiries into the study.

Digital Media Engagementfor Patient Clinical Trial Recruitment

325 built a strategy around Instagram and Facebook ads to target specific audiences. We measured the success rates from each campaign and adjusted the targeting in response to engagement. In one and a half months, we added more than 2,000 followers and accumulated more than twenty-thousand people with just one ad. We funneled the traffic to the website which acted as a hub. In accordance with IRB rules, then the hub redirected visitors to, where candidates were connected to review specific clinical trials listed. The government site processed the gathered information and then informed potential patients of their enrollment status. Our ability to ensure patient privacy and conform to IRB guidelines, while we executed a pay-per-click advertising campaign with hashtags made the program successful.

Facebook AdCampaign

We created customized content for each social media platform, in particular, Facebook, where the most ad dollars were spent, crafting images and messaging to make the most of how users interact with Facebook.

Google Display Ads+ SEO Campaign

We implemented an online display ad campaign along with an SEO campaign to connect with potential candidates looking for a clinical trial.