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First impressions are essential, you only have a moment to tell your story. Who’s going to tell yours? Welcome to Studio 325 where design is our way of life. We have been creating digital marketing solutions for over 20 years. Studio 325 is recognized as one of the leading creative forces in the industry. Maintaining our boutique appeal and personal connection has always been our goal. We become your partner, invest in your brand, and bring your thoughts to visual life.

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Client Experience

Below are some of the many satisfied clients Studio 325 has partnered with.

Client Experience

Below are some of the many satisfied clients Studio 325 has partnered with.



"When you own an iconic brand like Gold's Gym, people expect to see high quality marketing. Cheryl and her team at Studio 325 have shown they have the knowledge and experience to build and manage a successful campaign time after time. The logo is important, how you use it is the key to success! "

Mark Steinfield

Golds Gym, Owner

"Cheryl Marchese and the Studio 325 team are dedicated professionals. Their work and commitment is unparalleled. Their passion for perfection and translating our company message is proven with the increase in our customer base and the amount of inquiries from potential new customers. We are a brand rapidly being recognized in the healthcare industry. Thank you Cheryl and team."

Michael Demurjian

Tyme Inc., Chief Operating Officer

"Over the past two years, as the Director of Sales and Marketing for Garmany, I have worked with Studio 325 in rebranding the store's business. From business cards, logos, packaging, promotional materials, social media, events, and developing an entirely new website from the ground up. Cheryl brings a "Best In Class" approach with everything she works on or develops. Her work ethic is parallel to none and will work tirelessly to find the right creative formula for your business."

Andrew Weisbrot

Director of Sales and Marketing, Garmany

"A true visionary, who knows how to take your business to the next level!"

Kathy Jennings

The Lift Gym

"Studio 325 took the time to learn about our company, what we do, how we do it, as well as our differential advantages over the competition. Two weeks after Studio 325 rebranded our company, we landed our largest client ever."



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Know your vision. Know your business. Know your customer. Know your competition.
At Studio 325, we know how to design, develop and execute all of your marketing needs.